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Connect with friends. Play, chat, and share experiences with your friends on GOG. Cardboard boxes? That's right! Unlike most action games, Metal Gear Solid encourages stealth-n-sneak over run-n-gun. It's to your advantage to avoid fights by creeping past, or even hiding from, enemies. Emphasizing this "stealth is best" philosophy is an incredible enemy A. Your adversaries are smart: They defend themselves, investigate strange noises, follow your footsteps in the snow, and, once alerted to your presence, hunt you down until you elude or kill them..

Fortunately, multiple camera views help keep you one step ahead of the action. You can always see your enemies--either from the game's default overhead view, first-person perspective, or even from around a corner while pressing against an adjacent wall. Integrated into MCS's play engine is a fascinating and well-crafted scenario where you interact with several characters--friends and foes alike.

The dialogue and voices in these sequences are high points, the script is sharp and witty, and the complex plot remains exciting every step of the way plus, characters don't convulse spastically when they talk, as in other games. Stylish direction punctuates the dialogue in the cut scenes, underiining the words with dramatic framing, montage, and other striking cinematic techniques.

Dual Shock controls help bridge the gap between the gameplay and the cinemas, keeping you in solid command of Snake; the controller's vibrations also help draw you into the action. Whether it's a quick shake that accompanies a guard spotting you or fast-paced thumping during an onscreen heart attack, the Dual Shock or equivalent keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Besides its rock-solid regular game, MGS has several excellent options and extras, the best of which is the VR Trainer. Here, you can practice your skills and even unlock secret training modes.

Another cool option is the Briefing mode, which covers every aspect of the mis: sion in great detail. MGS's solid works do get slowed by a few wrenches. An inconsistent frame rate occasionally stalls the eye-catching graphics, which also have a tendency of slowing to a crawl when you pan or zoom in with the binoculars or the rifle scope. Equally annoying are the constant interruptions you suffer through in the early part of the game when your team chimes in with obvious advice that's already listed in the instruction manual.

Yet, even with its minor faults, Metal Gear Solid is this season's top offering that no self-respecting gamer should be without. Forget the fast-food action titles with rehashed formulas that never worked--Metal Gear Solid elevates video gaming to high entertainment. Metal Gear Solid's visuals are stunning and detailed. The only flaws are some bulky polygons, a bit of breakup, and an inconsistent frame rate.

The game's multiple menus are simple to access and even simpler to use. The only thing that keeps the controls from getting a perfect score is the lack of a custom controller configuration. Truly state-of-the-art, the music and sound effects rank among the best heard on the PlayStation. The energetic voices are well cast and make every word of the excellently scripted dialogue count. Metal Gear Solid is the rarest of things: a video game with looks, brains, and heart. Its combination of excellent action and superb story line makes it one of the PlayStation's top titles.

It's made the CamePro cover, it's been the talk of the town in Japan, and it's certainly goinq to be Konami's premiere product this season.

Returning to an intuitive and intelligent mode of gameplay, Konami's game developers have spent the last three years fine tuning Metal Gear by adding depth to the artificial in telligence and the level design. This isn't just bad guy blasting and simple gun-dependent action.

In fact, above all else, you must use stealth to sneak your way through most missions. That's not to say there isn't some weapon play involved. You'll have to find and use various armament, like Claymore mines, Makita rifles, and more. A large amount of the game, however, involves not having to use weapons; instead, you waylay guards, sneak up on sleeping patrolmen, and find every possible nook and cranny to hide in.

All that creeping around creates a dense feeling of tension in the game, and you'll find yourself holding your breath on more than one occasion. Taken altogether, this is a visual and creative masterpiece. This CD unveiled intricate and detailed plot lines as well as some fascinating gameplay. Basically, you weave Snake the game's hero or anti-hero, depending on your point of view through the levels, avoiding guards and finding equipment while unraveling something of your dark past through a series of flashbacks.

You have a limited health bar that you must replenish by consuming rations, and you start out weaponless--making Metal Gear more a game of survival than was Mission: Impossible see ProReview, August.

The A. If you can't seem to guide Snake out of the bathroom without getting him killed, the game will compensate for your ineptitude by supplying more ammo for the weapons he finds and more rations--but it will also slightly alter the game's ending, which means that only an elite few will view the game's true finale.

Metal Gear will be rich in surprisingly subtle audio and visual clues linked to changes in the environment. For instance, in a level where you're supposed to plant plastic explosives, you may have to find the right spot by tapping on the walls--a hollow sounding tap would indicate that the wall is thin and that a charge of plastic explosives would be effective there. Even less obvious clues--such as dried paint chips which expose a newly painted wall as an actual hallway en trance--guarantee that you'll have to massage the old bean a bit and he prepared for some clever thinking.

Other bonuses which will guarantee the game's success include a thorough training level during which you're timed and graded on certain mission skills, such as evading two patrol guards at once, crawling into air vents, or avoiding searchlights and full Dolby Surround sound, which adds to the game's realism.

However, this is all just window-dressing for a game that, at its core, is a very complex and immensely enjoyable adventure. This definitely ain't your daddy's Metal Gear--gamers who remember with fondness the hours of intense excitement that the two original NES games see sidebar " Back to the Future " brought into their homes are going to find themselves challenged even further. Everyone else will just be thankful that they bought a PlayStation.

Who'd have thought Metal Gear Solid would translate so well to an 8-Bit handheld? It's truly impressive how well Konami has ported the complex play mechanics of the PlayStation game to the Game Boy Color despite its fewer buttons.

Sometimes that means pressing two or three buttons in combination to switch weapons and items, or to use your Codec. Once you play a bit, though, the control layout feels logical and becomes second nature.

Outside of the obvious hit in the graphics and sound department, this cartridge would make a great game on any system. It's the most intriguing story in any Game Boy game to date, and it's delivered well through a series of cinemas featuring some beautiful hand-drawn art. Unfortunately, the cinemas in this game are just as plentiful and long-winded as their PlayStation counterparts.

Even so, it's nice to see that Nintendo didn't force Konami to dumb down the story and allowed them to use a couple of mild expletives and some other PG dialogue in order to keep the Metal Gear feel intact. Metal Gear Solid on the MGS features all the tactical-espionage action that made the PlayStation version a hit, plus a totally original story that's sure to please. Game Boy games just don't get any better. Finally, a big-league franchise on the Game Boy that's actually faithful to its namesake.

It's amazing how much Metal Gear Konami was able to stuff into this little cart. You have the stealth elements, the weapons, the items, the codec, distracting guards--there's even a VS. The pinnacle of GBC graphics, animation, and sound, with a great story that wasn't dumbed down to a 5th grade level no offense, 5th graders.

This joins Zelda and Pokemon as one of my favorite handheld games ever. Gamers whose first experience with Metal Gear was on the PlayStation might be taken aback at first by the old-school look of this portable version.

But make no mistake, it's got the same kind of game-play that made the PS version a hit and the guards are less intelligent than ever. Gone are the 3D cinema screens, but it just makes the gameplay stand out even more.

Deluxe are making the GBC the place for updates to classic games. And I say, keep 'em coming. The Game Boy Color seems an unlikely candidate for a sequel to one of the biggest games in PlayStation history. Nonetheless, the latest game in the Metal Gear saga has found a home on everyone's favorite 8-Bit portable game machine, and--surprise--it's actually good.

However, thanks to the American government, the Metal Gear menace is not a thing of the past. Research has continued on the bipedal nuclear tank, and when the plane carrying Metal Gear is hijacked, the government needs Snake to return to Outer Heaven once again to stop the terrorists and save the world.

Sound familiar? What's odd about the Game Boy version of Metal Gear Solid is that it seems to take place at the same time as the PlayStation game, even though each one has its own completely different setting and story. The whole thing is presented as though the stories are taking place parallel to each other. From the need to avoid detection and conflict to the seemingly endless collection of cinemas, it's all been shrunk down to Game Boy proportions with relative success.

Players can also go back to stages after they complete them in the main game and attempt to get a better rating based on their completion time, rations used and kills. It may still be awhile until we see the true sequel to MGS for the PlayStation2, but this gem of a Game Boy game should at least make the wait a bit more bearable.

Hopefully, the most burning question about the qame can then be answered: Hill Metal Gear live up to the hype or will it be crushed by it? In fact, you start the game armed with only a pack of cigarettes and binoculars in your inventory--but you can collect more weapons along the Way. In Metal Gear Solid, you play as Snake, a member of a special-forces team sent to diffuse a hostage situation.

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